BTS’s J-Hope Reveals What Kind Of Person He Wants To Be Personally And Professionally

2020-11-20 08:03:31

BTS just released their new album, “BE”, and in light of the event, the members held a press conference where they talked about the album as well as themselves.

In particular, J-Hope was asked what kind of person he wants to be at this point in his career.

And he confessed that his answer changes every time he receives that question.

I think my answer changes every time I get this question.

— J-Hope

J-Hope shared that when he debuted, his answer was quite simple.

When we debuted, I just wanted to become an artist who takes 1st place on music charts. I just wanted to become an artist who could perform at stadiums.

— J-Hope

But now, he thinks more about aspects related to his mentality as well as his nature.

I get the feeling that this position makes you into a certain type of person.

— J-Hope

Therefore, he was a new goal now as a celebrity, which is to never lose sight of himself.

So I want to recognize what kind of person I really am, and in a healthier way, I want to do music and perform.

— J-Hope

And as an average person, he has another goal of his own.

I always think about wanting to become someone who can keep growing while never losing my own nature.

— J-Hope

Check out the full press conference for “BE” below: